Photo collections

These photo collections provide an insight into the research, experience, collaboration and international nature of the work, activities and personality of Satoshi Ōmura.

A painting in a hospitalAt work
A collection of images of Prof Ōmura at work in various laboratories; collecting soil samples in Japan; during visits to several African countries; and at locations such as WHO and APOC headquarters in Geneva and Ouagadougou.
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Painting by Nui SanaEvents, people and organisations
A diverse collection of images showing Prof Ōmura with people at Merck & Co, WHO, MMV, DNDi, APOC, Wesleyan University, Noguchi Institute (Ghana), at various award ceremonies, and with a range of highly distinguished friends, colleagues and research collaborators.
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Painting by Nui Sana Portraits
A selection of official images of Prof Ōmura.
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