Earth report video Gift from the Earth
This BBC World programme in the Earth Report series is devoted to the world’s most broad-spectrum and universally-used antiparasitic drug, ivermectin. The report looks at the origins of the drug in Japan and the story behind Prof Ōmura’s involvement. It also looks at the Public/Private partnership that saw the drug's development, and its marketing as the world’s most successful animal health drug. Finally the report covers the donation and use of the drug to help eliminate two of the world’s most devastating of tropical diseases which disproportionately effect billions of the world’s poor.
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Trip to Ghana Professor Satoshi Ōmura: African visit (2005)
This video contains footage of a trip made by Satoshi Ōmura and two colleagues to Africa to see the impact of ivermectin - the drug that originated from their research to find useful chemicals from naturally-occurring microorganisms. Prof Ōmura visited the Noguchi Research Institute in Ghana; Asubende, the Ghanaian village where much of the initial drug trials and anti-oncherciasis work was carried out two decades ago; and the Burkina Faso headquarters of the African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control (APOC), which is making good progress towards the goal of eliminating onchocerciasis as a public health problem in Africa. 
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