As a result of a profound interest in the arts and the sciences, Professor Satoshi Ōmura creates, by hand, his own customised piece of calligraphy every year. Each piece expresses his own current vision and understanding of the philosophy, feeling, and association between the arts and sciences, the resultant impact in our daily lives or their indication for future pathways and ventures.

Examples of calligraphy by Professor Ōmura

"Come rain or shine, joy or sorrow, each day is valuable in its own way" (2019)


"Creating good new things while leaving good old things" (2018)


"Tranquil in heart, poised to surmount every challenge" (2017)


"with an open and calm mind" (2016)


"Sincerity and Loving Kindness" (2015)


"Be grateful to your ancestors, who are your connection to life; and be grateful to Nature, which protected and nurtured that life, and the god that lives within Nature." (2014)


"To put, in actuality, a theory or belief into practice" A word that means the importance of not just words, but actually taking the initiative to perform. (2013)


"Human bonding" (2012)


"Creation and Development" (2011)


"Think not of evil, and walk the path of moral principle." (2010)

Calligraphy 2007









"Harmony in life engenders much happiness." (2009)

Calligraphy 2007








"Gentle wind and propitious clouds, or to sum up, a word expressing a gentle man of noble character.” (2008)

Calligraphy 2007








"Knowledge and practice united." (2007)

Calligraphy 2007








"Master self, govern others." Only when exercising control over oneself will it be possible to govern competently over other people. (2006)

Calligraphy 2006









"Floating clouds and flowing water, that is, serenity of mind." Acting in accordance with circumstances and taking matters with a sense of resignation without any obsessions whatsoever. (2005)

Calligraphy 2005









"Truth withstands wind and snow." True reason never fades, regardless of what natural environments may be encountered. (2004)

Calligraphy 2004








"Respect for the heavens, and love for humanity." (2003)

Calligraphy 2003








"Unshaken calm, like the pink flowers of spring." In the spring, as trees and plants flower on the branch, the heart remains tranquil. (2002)

Calligraphy 2002









"High virtue, heavy reverence." Those possessing high ethical standards are destined to earn the respect of those around them. (2001)

Calligraphy 2001


"Wholehearted sincerity can move Heaven." Genuine sincerity will be understood and recognized in time. (2000)

Calligraphy 2000