The molecular structure of Hitachimycin

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Discovery, producing organism and structure (1-3)

Hitachimycin is an antiprotozoal antibiotic isolated from the culture broth of the actinomycete strain KM-4927. Later, the antibiotic was found to be identical to an antitumor antibiotic, stubomycin (1). The relative and absolute stereochemistry was defined via NMR and X-ray crystallographic analyses (2,3). The total synthesis was reported by Smith et al (4,5).

Physical data

Colorless plates. C29H35NO5; mol wt 477. Sol. in DMSO, pyridine, DMF, MeOH. Insol. in H2O, CHCl3, Et2O.

Biological activity (2,4,5)


1) Antimicrobial activity (6)

2) Antitumor activity of hitachimycin and its derivatives (6-9)


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