The molecular structure of Luminamicin

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Discovery, producing organism and structure (1,2)

Luminamicin was isolated from a culture broth of the actinomycete strain OMR-59. It exhibits antibacterial activity against anaerobic bacteria, particularly Clostridium sp. (1,2). Luminamicin is identical to coloradocin, discovered by Abbott’s group to be an anti-anaerobe antibiotic. The structure of coloradocin was elucidated by Rasmussen et al (3).

Physical data

Colorless needles; C32H38O12; mol wt 614.24. Sol. in MeOH, acetone, EtOAc. Insol. in H2O, hexane.

Biological activity (1,2)


Antimicrobial activity (1,2).


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