The molecular structure of Virantmycin

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Discovery, producing organism (1,2) and structures (3-6)

Virantmycin was isolated from a culture broth of the actinomycete strain AM-2722 and identified as an antiviral compound by the plaque reduction method. The absolute configuration of virantmycin was elucidated by antipodal virantmycin synthesis. The total synthesis of virantmycin has been reported by many groups.

Physical data (1)

White powder. C19H26NO3Cl; mol wt 351.16. Sol. in MeOH, acetone, CHCl3, benzene, EtOAc. Insol. in H2O.

Biological activity (2)



Virantmycin inhibits plaque formation caused by both RNA and DNA viruses at relatively low concentrations.


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